5 Cultural Tourism In Jakarta

The city of Jakarta is really the mascot of the big city and became center of the capital and business is growing quickly. In addition to the renowned attraction for tourist in this city are many areas for you to learn about the culture, traditions as well as the history of Indonesia in full. Intriguing to spend some time vacationing in Jakarta, to know civilization tourism in Jakarta, here are some intriguing places for you:

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1. Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum
In this museum, you’ll learn about arts and arts since there are hundreds of arts and arts you might enjoy. You might also learn how to make ceramics in this museum not to visit art crafts and museum as well as learn how to make it.

2. Kites Museum
The cultural tourism in Jakarta is a kite museum, so it may be remembered whenever you had been small playing and be forming your very own kite, here there’s a comprehensive kite museum which range from kites with little to large, even huge is available within this museum. Many activities you might do within this museum, visitors are also usually served with audiovisual about the history of the kite. Or visitors could also make their very own kites and of course, then might be taken home and attempted in the museum yard.

3. Textile Museum
Within this museum If you wish to learn batik, obviously really the Textile Museum provides facilities for learning to make batik. Not only you’ll also discover a row of Indonesian traditional cloth collection that there’s almost 1800 fabric. You’ll also find 50 types of looms from all over Indonesia, or you might also attend classes which are obviously held for free if traveling to this place.

4. Monas
The cultural tourism in Jakarta is a monument of a national monument or more familiar with MONAS is among the historical sites of Indonesia Monas is a symbol to memorialize the support of heroes to Indonesia as it’s today. On top of the monument, there’s a symbol akin to the flame of fire which symbolizes the spirit of the Indonesian individuals who’ll never be extinguished. Monas monument is open daily from morning to day but on each Monday in the a week back of each month monument is going to be closed to the public. Monas has a backyard as well as two ponds.

5. Ismail Marzuki Park
The cultural tourism in Jakarta is Jakarta Arts Center or even more popularly known as Taman Ismail Maruki located in Jakarta, that is a construction as the center of culture and arts within the city of Jakarta. Arts and cultural events are on a regular basis held at the art park which became the pride and “home” of the artists’ homeland. There are various theaters within this park, so you might enjoy various cultural and art performances.